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About Perfect Balance Pilates

Hello & welcome to Perfect Balance Pilates! Thank you for taking the first steps towards a healthier and fitter you! Pilates can bring you amazing benefits such as better posture, strength, flexibility & tone. Being passionate about pilates is what I am all about... my name is Jemma Baker and I have been practising pilates for nearly 30 years and qualified with Body Control Pilates as a teacher 13 years ago.

Perfect Balance Pilates would like to offer you pilates on a 121, 221 and small group classes set in a private studio in Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross. I am used to working with those wanting to achieve a better level of fitness, on a remedial basis and also have a great deal of experience working with clients whom suffer from MS, ME and fibromyalgia and other conditions.

After an initial 1-2-1 postural assessment and a discussion about your lifestyle and objectives, I will design a personalised programme to help you achieve your own goals.

Suitable for men, women, young and old, fit or injured there is a level that is right for your fitness level. Beginners, Intermediate & Advance training sessions can be developed to suit your individual need. My clients will be taught to take time and think and understand the way your body moves and functions.

  • Personal training pilates...
  • Experience this fitness phenomenon!
  • Get fit, change your body & see the results
  • The ultimate mind & body workout!!
  • You must be fit & healthy to partake in any classes. It is your responsibility to asses your own ability both in terms of Pilates capability and your physical condition. Perfect Balance Pilates takes no responsibility for any injury or worsening of an existing injury resulting from your participation in Perfect Balance Pilates online classes.